Antenatal Education

Antenatal education is an opportunity for you and your partner to prepare for the birth of your baby. Having a baby whether it is your first, second or third child can be a daunting time as well as exciting. The more prepared you are , the easier the transition in to parenthood will be. I firmly believe in the saying ‘knowledge is power’ and I aim to provide you with as much up to date, realistic knowledge and information to help you prepare for the best day of your lives, the day you become parents.

I offer one to one private classes in the comfort of your own home, at a time that suits you. This is a very relaxed class, which can be tailored to suit you and your partner’s needs. For example if you are expecting twins, you have had a previous caesarean section ,  you are booked in for an elective caesarean section or if you would just like to do this class privately with your partner in your own home, this is the class for you. The private class is two hours long, sometimes a little longer depending on the needs of the couple. This private class in your own home costs €150.

I also offer small group classes, usually up to five couples. Again, this is a very relaxed and intimate environment, facilitating the best learning opportunities for you and your partner, allowing you to meet with other couples at the same stage as yourselves. These classes are held on a Saturday in Ballsbridge . The price of a group class is €130 per couple.

In each class, whether you choose a private or a group class, we will cover the last few weeks of your pregnancy, preparing for labour, the labour itself, various scenarios that can occur, and the first few days postnatal. No question is too small to ask. The aim of each class is to provide you with as much information as possible, in a very relaxed atmosphere, so that you feel confident and excited for the final weeks ahead. If you would like any more information about the private or the group class, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to meeting you,

Lisa Canavan